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Simplify Jobs uses Frigade to build and experiment on signup forms and to guide users through new account setup.

January, 2020

Y Combinator, Craft

It was incredibly easy to upgrade our onboarding with Frigade. Their components were easy to integrate with our brand and UI, and we were able to customize them to include our own onboarding logic and embedded components, as well.

We signed up for Frigade to level up our new user onboarding experience. We're using their product checklist to guide new users through the setup process and their product banners for dynamic profile completion gamification. The combination of these two features have significantly lifted our new user activation rates.

Given the results from first onboarding project, we're now using Frigade to improve our new user sign up forms as well. Their forms give us out of the box stats, integrate with our custom react components, and allow us to easily test new copy, orders, and versions. Overall, we've been impressed with the Frigade team's expertise and responsiveness. They've been a great partner to work with.

Ethan Horoschak

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