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Get great product onboarding, faster.

Product onboarding is one of the largest levers for growth and retention, but it usually takes too long to build. We're here to change that. Frigade helps engineering teams build great onboarding in a fraction of the time.

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Builder faster. Get a powerful platform to boot.

Move Faster
Frigade helps teams build onboarding faster. Spend less time building onboarding and more time building your product.
Measure Success
Frigade helps teams measure the impact of their onboarding. See how your onboarding is performing and where you can improve.
Make Changes Without Developers
Frigade combines the benefits of code and no-code. Make changes to your onboarding content without needing to write code.
Personalize Onboarding
Frigade helps teams personalize their onboarding. Show the right content to the right users at the right time.

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