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Components on ProductOnboarding.com

Eric Brownrout

Eric Brownrout


Teams often ask us how customizable Frigade components really are. We tell them: highly customizable. Frigade components feel native to our customers' product and their brands. But sometimes it's more powerful to show than tell.

So today we are launching component examples on productonboarding.com to show how customizable components really are. We've already curated some of the best onboarding practices from great companies like Figma, Framer, and Github, and now we've rebuilt their onboarding patterns 1:1 with Frigade to show how easy it is to customize Frigade components.

Whether you want to use an industry example verbatim, or use it as a launching point for your product, you can visit the component tab of any example on productonboarding.com and get drop-in React templates to add these onboarding experiences to your own products in minutes.

What will you build? Get started today.