Product growth and onboarding for modern software companies

Frigade combines drop-in React UI components with flexible APIs to activate more users, increase feature adoption, and drive expansion revenue.

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Powering fast growing companies

Morning Consult
Leya Law

Beautiful UI components, best practices built-in

Embed pixel-perfect React components like Banner, Checklist, and Tour directly in your UI. Personalize components and sync your design system, or build custom components.

Another script bites the dust to give way to a reusable, extensible, first-party Component. With Frigade you grow your product adoption, controlling the frontend UX without re-inventing the wheel.

Guillermo Rauch
CEO of Vercel

Frigade has been instrumental to building onboarding flows for Replo. The architecture of their product is long-term 10x more extensible than anything we’ve found on the market. 11/10, would choose Frigade again.

Yuxin Zhu
CEO of Replo

Targeting & orchestration

Target onboarding and promotions to specific users or cohorts with Audiences. Orchestrate a great user experience through limits, cool-offs, and priorities with Rules.

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We built growth infra so you don't have to

Frigade is designed for flexibility and scale. It's based on internal growth platforms that companies like LinkedIn, Uber, and Pinterest used to scale.

Powerful Editing

The Frigade web dashboard allows you to update copy, logic, and user targeting without new deployments.


Connect Segment, Mixpanel, and more to power user targeting, analytics, and CRMs.

Analyze Your Funnel

Frigade comes with built-in analytics to track user progress through Flows and measure the effectiveness of onboarding and promotions.


Frigade is SOC 2 type 2 certified and we conduct regular penetration tests.

Developer Experience

Stop wrestling with clunky no-code tools. Frigade is designed for quality, control, and flexibility. It's built by developers for developers.

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