Build better self-serve product onboarding.

Frigade makes it easy to build best-in-class product onboarding experiences. Use our API and SDK to build faster, experiment more easily, and drive customer success.

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Expertly crafted SDKs and API. Say goodbye to janky webviews.

Build experiences that feel native.

Frigade has SDKs React, Javascript, and more for silky smooth native onboarding. See components.

Fully extensible as code.

Integrate with APIs, add custom components, write unit tests, and add version control. See docs.

“We've spent too much time trying to get various no-code tools to bend to our will. Frigade made it easy to get the exact experience we wanted without compromise.”

Matthew LeRay – CTO, Speedscale

import { FrigadeProvider, FrigadeChecklist } from '@frigade/react';

export default function App() {
  return (
    <FrigadeProvider publicApiKey={myApiKey}>
        flowId="flow_k3dsg3hvs" />

From registration to retention. Build best-in-class onboarding.

App screenshot

All-in-one platform. Frigade handles the heavy lifting.

Component Library

Unstyled, ready-made components for building high‑quality user onboarding, faster. From product checklists to tours, we've got you covered. See components →


Integrations with Segment, Mixpanel, Sendgrid, and more to power targeting, analytics, and communications.

Content Management

Lightweight CMS built-in to update and test onboarding copy and content.


Frigade makes it easy to manage multiple versions of onboarding across staging and production. Revisit previous versions of onboarding to see how they performed.

Customer Journeys

Frigade automatically tracks state management and onboarding progress. Give your team full observability into the customer journey, and use Frigade to kick off automated workflows.

Loved by builders. See for yourself.

    • Frigade helps developers uplevel their product to ensure it leaves a strong first impression with the user. It's built by experts who know onboarding inside and out.

      Emre Kazdagli
      Founding Engineer at Arc
    • Frigade is a gamechanger. I see so many teams building sophisticated onboarding platforms in-house. They'd be better off with Frigade.

      Mads Johnsen
      CPO at Calm
    • A good onboarding flow is critical for apps. Often, it’s the user’s first impression and can make or break the experience. Frigade makes it easy to integrate and iterate on onboarding.

      Kelly Hosokawa
      iOS Eng at LinkedIn

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