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Visual Editor

Christian Mathiesen

Christian Mathiesen


Today we're launching one of our most requested product upgrades: Visual Editing

The Visual Editor allows you to edit the most common elements of your Flows without writing any code or messing with any advanced configuration files.

These changes help make Frigade more accessible to non-technical teammates who are now more empowered than ever to help create and manage key Flows.

The Visual Editor includes:

  • Real-time component previews
  • Rich text editing for Flow copy
  • Direct image and video uploads with Frigade's CDN
  • Quick add for standardized fields like buttons, subtitles, etc.
  • Editing support for all Frigade's built-in components e.g. tours, checklists, etc.

For users who want more control, you can still access the full Flow configuration in the "Advanced" tab of the editor. We hope the new Visual Flow Editor will complement the advanced editor and make it easier for everyone to make lightweight edits and changes to Flows.

What will you build? Get started today.