Growth infrastructure

We built the growth platform we always wanted, so you don't have to.

Our cofounders Christian and Eric first met in 2015 while working at LinkedIn. Over the years, our entire team has collectively designed, built, and measured countless growth loops.

At LinkedIn, we had internal engineering platforms to enable our growth team to move fast. State management, user targeting, orchestration – it took care of the heavy lifting. And, it turns out, many companies were spending resources to build the same platform.

With Frigade, we've built a super-charged growth platform for teams that want to focus on building their core product, not building and maintaining new infrastructure. A platform that helps teams ship and experiment faster without compromising on quality, scale, or flexibility.

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–The Frigade team

Our Investors

  • Y Combinator

    Startup Accelerator

    • Craft Ventures

      Venture Capital

      • General Catalyst

        Venture Capital


          Venture Capital

          • Magic Fund

            Venture Capital

            • Guillermo Rauch

              Founder of Vercel

              • Arash Ferdowsi

                Co-founder of Dropbox

                • Jean-Denis Greze

                  CTO at Plaid

                  • Mads Johnsen

                    CPO at Calm

                    • Aatif Awan

                      Founder of Indus Valley Capital

                      • Austen Allred

                        Co-founder of Bloom Institute

                        • Marco Squarci

                          Founder of Specter

                          • Sidharth Kakkar

                            Co-founder of Subscript

                            • Liz Li

                              CPO at Velocity Global

                              • Ilana Elbaz

                                Head of Sales at Deel

                                • Tido Carriero

                                  Co-founder of Koala

                                  • Lasse Espeholt

                                    Staff at Google Brain

                                    • Diego Represas

                                      Co-founder of Able AI

                                      • Maik Wehmeyer

                                        Co-founder of Taktile

                                        • Paul Klein IV

                                          Director at Mux

                                          • Michael Murray

                                            Former CTO at Digit

                                            • Tom Brown

                                              Partner at NYCA

                                              • Chris Deckert

                                                Head of Growth at Personio

                                                • Akhil Paul

                                                  Angel Investor

                                                  • Amar Guatam

                                                    Co-founder of Hypertrader

                                                    • Emrecan Dogan

                                                      Head of Product at Glean

                                                      • Jason Freedman

                                                        Partner at Peak State Ventures

                                                        • Alan Rutledge

                                                          Angel Investor

                                                          • Matt Verghese

                                                            Director at Twitch

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