Why companies are switching from Appcues to Frigade

Organizations are moving to Frigade get more control and customization over their product onboarding experience.

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No code tools on the market like Userflow, Appcues, and Chameleon choose to make a solution more for product managers, and people who don’t want to access the code. And the products are great in this regard. Because you can use locators to define a flow that user can follow for their onboarding.

However, since they choose to solve the problem this way, the no-code products are very limited in terms of UX. So, does this blend with the product that I am actually building, in the sense, that you have bubbles and hints and all that stuff, but that’s not what I want.

I want a seamless onboarding experience a la Posthog or Hightouch. These tools were okay for me to have a very simple onboarding in the MVP phase, but when your product starts to grow and you want now to treat your onboarding flow like a star feature of your product, you need more than bubbles, hints, and highlights.

Younes Jallouli
Cofounder, Rollstack

Build custom, high-quality product onboarding in hours.

Much faster
than building from scratch.

Don't spend your time building and managing internal state management platforms. Leverage Frigade's production-ready platform to build and scale your onboarding with fewer headaches.

Beautifully designed
onboarding components

Don't spend time reinventing the wheel. Frigade gives you highly customizable components in code that you can use to build your onboarding experience.

Flexible API
designed for developers

The Frigade API, SDKs, and docs are built for developers. That means no more wrestling with clunky web-scripts to build your onboarding experience. Frigade is endlessly flexible.

Why are people switching from Appcues to Frigade?

More flexibility

Appcues and other no-code tools are rigid and don’t allow for much real customization. Frigade allows you to customize every aspect of your onboarding experience to your hearts desire.

Higher quality

Frigade is part of your product's fabric, and we take that responsibility seriously. No-code tools like Appcues tend to be clunky and feel out of place in your product. Frigade is built to feel native.

Powerful API

Frigade was designed from day one around a powerful API that allows you to build any onboarding experience you can imagine. Easily integrate Frigade with the rest of your product and tools.

Native components

Frigade has a library of native components that you can use to build your onboarding experience. Unlike no-code tools which tend to use page injections, Frigade components are native, snappy, and polished, like your own product.

Developer experience

When you use a tool like Appcues, you quickly realize that 'No Code' is a misnomer. You still need to write code to get the experience you want. Frigade is actually built for developers, so you move fast and build the experience you actually want.

Customer support

We are not some massive enterprise company, and that's a good thing. We don't outsource our customer support. We get to know each customer. Our entire team is here to personally help you build the best onboarding experiences possible.

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