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We needed a better onboarding and really didn’t want something outdated like Pendo on top of our product to be the first experience. Our eng team will attest that I’m pretty picky with product experience and design. But Frigade’s components were incredibly well-designed and fit right into our experience.

Yana Welinder
CEO of Kraftful

As a full-stack developer, I've built onboarding many times in my career, and it has never been easier to implement or as good of a user experience than it is with Frigade. Once we decided on the copy for each step in the flow, we had a beautifully designed onboarding experience in our React app in under an hour.

Jack Wohlfert
Cofounder of SaaSGrid

Build custom, high-quality product onboarding in hours.

Much faster
than building from scratch.

Don't spend your time building and managing internal state management platforms. Leverage Frigade's production-ready platform to build and scale your onboarding with fewer headaches.

Beautifully designed
onboarding components

Don't spend time reinventing the wheel. Frigade gives you highly customizable components in code that you can use to build your onboarding experience.

Flexible API
designed for developers

The Frigade API, SDKs, and docs are built for developers. That means no more wrestling with clunky web-scripts to build your onboarding experience. Frigade is endlessly flexible.

What areas does Frigade
outshine Pendo?


Pendo and other no-code tools are rigid and don’t allow for deep customization. Frigade allows you to customize every aspect of your onboarding experience.


No-code tools like Pendo tend to be clunky and feel out of place in your product. Frigade is built into your product UI, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Powerful API

Frigade was designed around a powerful API that allows you to build any onboarding experience you can imagine. Easily extend and connect Frigade with your stack.

Native components

Unlike no-code tools which tend to use page injections, Frigade components are snappy, polished, and look like your own product.

Developer experience

When you use tools like Pendo, you realize that 'No Code' is a misnomer. Frigade is made for developers, so it's actually a pleasure to build with.

Customer support

We are not a massive enterprise. We get to know each customer, and our entire team is committed to helping you build great products.

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