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Content Editor & Component Previews

Micah Snyder

Micah Snyder


We love YAML, we really do. It's powerful, extensible, and blessedly free of nested curly braces.

But! We also know that you likely have folks on your team who are less in love with general purpose markup languages than we are. One of those people might even be you, the person who is reading this changelog. If so, that's ok, we're here for you too.

To prove that last statement true, we just launched our new Content Editor. It allows you to quickly update existing content in your Flows without having to also manage the structure of the YAML document behind the scenes. You can switch back and forth freely between YAML and Content editing, and your changes will be shared between the two as you type. For now, we only support editing the first-level steps of a Flow, so for deeply nested Flows like Forms you'll have to stick to YAML for now.

Next to the "Content" button in that screenshot, you may have also noticed a "Preview" button. It does exactly what you think it does, assuming that you think it renders a live preview of your Flow.

In our own usage of Previews, we've found them especially useful for quickly swapping back and forth while editing a Flow to make sure that our content is rendering correctly. We also added a fullscreen option at the top right of the preview pane, so you can give larger Components a bit of breathing room when they need it.

Head over to your Flows in Frigade to check out the new editor features, and as always reach out if you have any questions!

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