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Introducing Frigade's Vanilla JavaScript SDK

Christian Mathiesen

Christian Mathiesen


Today we are announcing the launch of our Vanilla JavaScript SDK. The SDK allows you to build native onboarding and adoption experiences with Frigade across any platform that can run Javascript -- regardless if this is on web, backend, or even mobile. In this initial release, we're offering a lightweight series of headless APIs for interacting with Frigade.

This allows you to build powerful onboarding experiences that match your application's look and feel such as checklists, tours, and in-product guides that leverage Frigade's Flows, Targeting, and Analytics capabilities.

Getting started

To get started, simply run npm i @frigade/js . The API follows an interface similar to the likes of Segment and Posthog. As such, you can initialize the SDK in a few lines as follows:

import frigade from '@frigade/js'

await frigade.init('FRIGADE_API_KEY')

await frigade.identify('USER_ID', {
  name: 'USER_NAME',
  email: 'USER_EMAIL',
  signed_up_at: 'USER_SIGNED_UP_AT' // ISO 8601 format

// Optional: send organization/group id
await frigade.group('ORGANIZATION_ID', {
  name: 'COMPANY_NAME',

Once you've set up the SDK, you're all set to start implementing Frigade Flows. Read the docs to get started.

Component support

We will soon be porting over our existing components for the Vanilla SDK which will leverage native web components. In the meantime, you will still have all the power to build any experience.

What will you build? Get started today.