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Introducing NPS Surveys

Christian Mathiesen

Christian Mathiesen


We're super excited to share the launch of our brand new NPS Survey Component! 🎉

Now, you can effortlessly integrate NPS surveys into your app and gather valuable feedback from your users to understand how satisfied they are with your awesome service.

Just like our other Frigade components, adding the NPS Surveys is a breeze. Use the <FrigadeNPSSurvey /> component in your code, and voila! Watch as NPS results arrive in Frigade in real-time.

Ad blocker-proof

As Frigade's components are part of your application bundle and doesn't require injected third party javascript libraries, you will avoid the common problem of having your NPS Survey blocked by ad blockers.

Avoid distrubing users doing critical tasks

You have complete control over when and where the survey appears in your product. Say goodbye to creating annoying moments when users are caught up in critical tasks and can't give proper feedback. With the Frigade NPS Survey, you can create an optimal user experience and receive unbiased feedback on your product.


Using Frigade's Targeting system, you can also choose which users are actually eligible for the NPS survey. It's perfect for making sure only users who have used your product for a certain period or have interacted with specific features will see the survey.

Ready to add an NPS survey to your app? It's easy. Just head over to our Component Library and pick the NPS survey component. Start gathering more product feedback and improving your app today!

What will you build? Get started today.