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Vanilla JS SDK Update

Christian Mathiesen

Christian Mathiesen


A few months ago, we announced our Vanilla Javascript SDK which can be used in any stack that runs Javascipt (including Node.js). Since launching the SDK, we've incorporated a great deal of feedback and greatly simplified the API and models.

For instance, working with the lifecycle of Flows has been greatly simplified:

// Init the SDK
const frigade = new Frigade('FRIGADE_API_KEY', { userId: "my-user-id" })

// Marking a flow as completed:
const flow = await frigade.getFlow('FLOW_ID')
await flow.complete()

// Marking a step in a flow as completed:
const flow = await frigade.getFlow('FLOW_ID')
const step = flow.steps.get('STEP_ID')
await step.start()
await step.complete()

Additionally, we've introduced global event handlers to easily trigger actions in your application as a user progresses through a Flow:

// This callback will be called when a the current user/group changes state in any flow
const callback = (updatedFlow, previousFlow) => {
  console.log('Flow state changed:', flow.isCompleted)
  console.log('Step state changed:', flow.steps.get('STEP_ID').isCompleted)


In the coming months, we'll continue to invest in the JS SDK as it becomes the foundation of all our Javascript-based SDKs. Get started with the Frigade Vanilla JS SDK here.

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